Wash It Fold It

Wash It Fold It is a web application commissioned by Super Clean Coin Laundry of West Virginia. This application allows users to create accounts and search a database of local laundromats and people providing laundry services. Users can search for laundry services by city or zip code.

Laundromats and individuals “washers” can list themselves. Their profile includes information such as their phone number, email address, and what services they provide. Users can even schedule to drop-off their laundry with a laundromat or individual.

The application was written using PHP with design elements made with Bootstrap and jQuery. The application is connected to a MySQL database stored on Amazon Web Services. The application is also hosted on Amazon Web Services and it uses the Plesk hosting control panel.


Tyler's Tiles

Tyler’s Tiles is a puzzle video game programmed using Java gaming libraries. The concept, inspired by Concentration, Pac-Man, and “Press Your Luck,” originated from me. In addition to the programming, I also designed the visuals.

The objective of the game is to navigate the main character Tyler on a floor of mystery tiles. The player must find certain colors in order in order to proceed to the next level. The player loses a “life” when the character lands on an enemy square or the timer runs out. The game is over when all lives are lost.

Other Projects

  • Stock Market Data
    This application, built using Java retrieved data about stock markets from an external JSON API. Users searched for stocks by searching a company’s ticker abbreviation. Users were allowed to save lists of stocks in a text format.
  • Math Quizzes Application
    This web application was an educational resource created for students and their teachers. Students were able to take math quizzes and earn badges. Teachers kept track of the process of a student. This project was a collaboration between a team of other students.
  • Community Service Tracker
    This was a web application built using a JavaScript framework, connected to a MySQL database. Users logged in to user accounts to keep track of their volunteer service hours.


HTML Rainbow

Everytime the page is clicked, it changes color. The HTML color code is also given. (WARNING: May be sensitive to those with photosensitive epilepsy.)

World Countries

Displays a list of world countries based on information retrieved from a database.