New Web Design Project: Alpha Phi Omega at Radford University

New Web Design Project: Alpha Phi Omega at Radford University

Alpha Phi Omega at Radford University

My newest web design project is a one-page website I volunteered to create for a student group at a local university. This website is a landing page that has basic information about the club. It is to be used as a resource for those interested in the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) chapter at Radford University in Virginia.

I decided it may be best to create a one-paged website for a few reasons. The APO chapter needed an online resource for those wanting to obtain some quick, basic information on what the group is, what they do, who to contact, and how students can join. People, especially college students with limited spare time, typically don’t spend a lot of time using a website. I made this simple landing page free of charge for a student organization I used to belong to. If I were to make something more complex for a client, I would charge a fee. Those wishing for more detailed information could contact the group using the email address found on the website. They can also find them on the social media accounts (that are updated more frequently) listed on the website.

Also, one of the group’s officers is in charge of the website. I made something simple not necessarily requiring any changes or updates, because the officer may not be familiar with designing and maintaining websites. Passwords, especially to free web design platforms are easily lost and forgotten because a different person in a student club works on them each year. (The website was hosted on the university server and club account. Web hosting is offered to every student, employee, and organization of the university, but I don’t believe that is a feature not many people know about.)

The website was built using the Bootstrap framework. The jQuery library was also utilized in the parallax background image. I tried my best to use the official colors of the national Alpha Phi Omega organization.

You may visit the website for the Alpha Phi Omega chapter at Radford University by clicking here. I would love to hear any feedback.

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