Hello, World!

Hello, World!

I recently decided to give my professional portfolio website an overhaul in its redesign. With over a year of professional experience, I have made more creative for several different clients. Because I am confident in my experience and skills, I am interested in hunting for more freelance gigs. I want to go back to my website and give it a more professional, polished look.

The original website was hand-coded with Bootstrap. This time, however, I am going with WordPress. Professionally, I designed most of my websites for clients using WordPress. I understand why companies like using WordPress because it provides so many resources for web design whether you’re a novice or experience professional. Since I’m interested in promoting myself as a WordPress developer, I’ll make my flagship website a WordPress website.

Even though I’m going to focus more on WordPress because it’s a great platform for development, I do notice some of its drawbacks. In WordPress, I am utilizing other people’s themes and plugins. Even though WordPress will allow me to view the code and databases for everything I use (because WordPress is an open-source content management system), it’s something I don’t focus on when I’m designing a website. Also, it is not the best idea to change code for an already existing part of WordPress. When I hand-code a website, I know everything that went into it because I created everything.

WordPress offers many plugins that allow you to achieve pretty much anything you want to do with a website. Utilizing plugins creates a satisfying user experience for a beautiful, visually appealing website. Plugins, however, sometimes do not work so well due to their developers neglecting bugs and bad code. As a WordPress developer, I make wise decisions such as researching the quality of a plugin, as well as making frequent updates and website back-ups.

When you’re a client and you want to hire a web designer, WordPress will be the way to go. Developers who use WordPress can finish a website in a short amount of time. When hand-coding a website from scratch and developing web applications with original programming, the process will take a lot more time and it could be more expensive. WordPress is open-source, therefore it is free by default. However, you will still need to pay for hosting and domain name fees. It’s also wise to pay web designers for their time. If you want more features and customization, you will want to have a budget.

Because WordPress has elements developed by others, one may assume the website you create will not be original. I don’t think that’s the case because WordPress is a web development tool. You do the work using resources you find. John Deere may have patented its tractors, but a farmer using one will own the crops plowed with the tractor. The same can be said about web designers with WordPress, themes, and plugins. Developers own what they create, the client and/or the web designer owns what they create with the developers’ technologies.

Another perk with WordPress is that it provides a blogging tool. I want to add a blog with updates to this website. The blog will allow me to post about new projects and other happenings related to my professional design/development career.

As I finish writing the first post, I welcome you to the revamp of my online portfolio.

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