Creative. Dedicated. Adventurous.

I am a designer and technologist creating visual and interactive media using digital platforms. I have experience in both collaborative and freelance environments. My background includes problem solving, working within schedule, and creating visuals that fit best with a client's brand image.


I design whatever will appeal to the human eye while gaining attention to the message needing to be communicated.


I use innovation and logic to create solutions to a task given to me whether it will be for software, websites, images, or video.


I have the tools to create quality media including image and video editing software, as well as web and software development technologies.


Experienced and multi-disciplined individual ready to create for you!

I have experience and skillsets in multiple areas that will be useful in the marketing world. I believe what I can do will provide success to your business or project.

What I Do

I can provide a variety of different creative services for clients including designing, editing, and coding.


I design visually appealing, informative websites providing a positive user experience. For web design, I use a variety of development technologies including front and back end, WYSIWYG software and text editors, and content management systems.


I was involved in the production of several successful, well-liked television commercials that aired on local television broadcasting and digital platforms. I primarily use video and editing software, as well as assist with camera, audio recording, and lighting work.


My graphic design work appeared in both print and digital platforms. I created advertisements and social media graphics each representing a different brand image. Additionally, I created some logos and animations.


I have a background in computer programming, therefore I know several programming technologies such as object-oriented languages, web programming, databases, and GUI design and implementation.

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Would you like to do business with me? Would you like to know more about what I do? Feel free to contact me. If I’m interested in what you have to say, I will be happy to talk with you.